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April 20, 2011


Her: What are you wearing?
Me: A wife beater, some purple boy shorts, and a pair of purple heels.
Her: Sounds sexy! You should send me a pic.
Me: Or I could send you a video with some visual graphics and sounds!

Oh yea you know exactly where this is going!!! Good old safe sexting! You know where you engage in sex via text message. It's a good way to practice safe sex and get yourself off at the same time!! Lol. Or even better a form of foreplay before the real fireworks begin later on that evening!

Now this is my question: When you're sexting are you actually performing the acts that you say you are or are you just bullshitting around and just saying shit? Me, myself, I'm guilty of both. There's been times where I was really horny enough to... well you know! I've gone so far as to have a full blown uh... hmm. And there's times when I'm just playing around and want to see just how far she will take the conversation.

The problem with sexting is that if you are actually performing, you have to wait minuets for a response. So its, text, wait, wait, wait, read, text, wait, wait, wait, read, and so on. Kinda kills the moment. But if she really knows what she's doing then even the moments in between can leave you hot and expectant. Anticipation is the equal to teasing. It's the watching but no touching pleasure of sex. *Daydreaming* Lol sorry slipped away for a sec. But it can also be the evil deal breaking turnoff if you're waiting too long between messages.

Hey here's a word to the wise: if your cheating don't leave the evidence in your phone!!! Yes texting is cheating. And sexting, well that's the almost as bad as going out and actually having sex with someone else. Could be worse depending on the types of things you're texting! So in conclusion, even when sexting you have to use protection. No sex is the best sex. But sexting is next after no sex. Just proceed with caution.

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